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Thursday, 29 November 2007

Look at me

It's not much to most parents, but we are chuffed. Look at this:

Yes, Mister Determined has mastered the skill of sitting cross-legged. I am not sure why and how he suddenly managed to do this. We have not done any physiotherapy this year apart from Christine's Feldenkreis sessions. He has done sports and gymnastics at school (although I have no idea what he does there, I know he loved doing jobs for the PE teacher) and swimming, and now with the hot weather we swim every day after school. Maybe its all that swimming... who knows.

This may not sound like a big achievement to most, bur consider the social implications. It means that he can sit on the floor with his friends at school, during story time, Assembly, etc. Sitting on the floor was just very hard for him, as he could really only sit with both legs stretched forward. That's not a position most people can sit in comfortably without toppling backwards. So most of the time, Mister D. was given a chair to make him more comfortable. Then, on Monday, he just went and sat cross legged at Assembly, and his class teacher nearly fell over. When I came to pick him up she stood at the door waiting for me, to excitedly tell me the news.

Oh, the joy of small victories.

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manfred.fabig said...

Nou ja, dat is inderdaad weer eens een vooruitgang. Ben flij dit te zien.
He + Ma