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Monday, 12 November 2007


We're heading to the end of the year and it shows. Boo Boo is the only one who is her normal self - all the other inhabitants of this house are showing clear signs of fatigue.

Mister D. is still on a bit of a high from his recent theatre experience - but he's getting difficult, is rubbing his eyes all the time, and asks for regular hugs, all signs of tiredness. Possum has been pretty much unbearable for two weeks now. He doesn't seem to manage to talk anymore, he just whinges and whines and cries. Hubby has entered the busiest time of his working cycle, and he's temporary denoted to part-time parenting. And I am stuggling with "Mamma Fatigue". After seven years of full time mothering I admit oficially to being fed up. It's time for a break, time to do something for myself beyond blogging and gardening (which I both love, don't get me wrong). I need something more substantial, something with a goal to achieve. So I've been trailing the internet to find a Shotokan Karate Dojo nearby. I need to go and get that black belt I have been meaning to get years ago...

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manfred.fabig said...

Ja, ik kan het me indenken dat je moe bent. Doe aan karate , dat zal je goed doen. En de 'writing lessons' gaan toch ook nog door, of niet?
Sorry voor de namen te gebruiken.