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Monday, 8 October 2007

High School Musical

My brother-in-law Jonathan is a Director (his "greatest claim to fame for the kids is Hi5) and has been working on a production of High School Musical in Newcastle for the last few months. This weekend was the opening matinee, and we were invited to attend.
Our recent holiday to the Blue Mountains reminded us that Boo Boo really does not travel long distances very well. So we decided that it would be best if I stayed at home with her, and Hubby took the boys to the show. Now Mister Determined loves shows, but he did not want to go. As it turned out, he was quite interested in the show itself, but did not want to travel that far for one - as he said "Mamma, I don't want to go on the freeway again". I couldn't disagree with him - we had done so much driving over the recent holidays. The drive from Sydney to the Blue Mountains takes two hours (on the freeway) and then the drive from the Mountains to Nepean Hospital was one hour (on the freeway again). We did that first drive twice, and the second one four times. No wonder the kid had had it with freeways.
But then he realised that the whole family was going - well, Oma and Opa, and Auntie Nic and cousins Fin and Saskia. He also cottoned on to the fact that all were planning to have lunch in Newcastle before the show, and dinner after. Keen not to miss out, Mister Determined decided to come along.
And what a good decision that was. Off all the kids, he enjoyed it most (well, Sas might have enjoyed it, had she not been so tired that she'd slept through the whole performance). Possum and cousin Fin got a bit bored towards the end, but Mister Determined sat there, his face glued to the stage, following the story, and bobbing along to the music - with his earmuffs on, of course! He had an absolute ball. The story helped - there was a lady with high heels, and the whole thing was set in a school, with teachers, and rules, and detentions, and some sports thrown in for good measure. Those of you that know Mister D. know that he's very much into these things, and here they all came together, literally singing and dancing!
They returned at 8:30 that night,Hubby pretty stuffed from the twice-two hour drive, and both the boys fast asleep in the car. We lifted them out, carried them to bed, and got them undressed, without them properly waking up. The next morning, Mister D. complained that that had been a bit scary. "I was driving on the freeway in the dark, and then suddenly I was in my bed, and it was morning". Magic eh?
Anyway, the next day we spend at home, doing lots of gardening out the front (yes, Oma Helma, I will take some pictures to show you) and then Oma and Opa came by with Da, to join us for lunch. And one more wonderful surprise - a DVD of the Disney version of High School Musical, the Concert. It doesn't have the whole story, but is a collection of the songs, performed by the cast. It is amazing. There are thousands of people in the stadium, all singing along to the songs. I had no idea how big this High School Musical is in the US. Apparently, the movie is coming to cinemas here soon, and we will take the boys (finally, something to go and see in the movies that won't scare them!).
Anyway, I think you can imagine what life has been like here ever since.
Normally, I am quite strict with the TV. Before our move, the powerboard for the TV and DVD was on a timer, going on at 4pm. Before that, there was no point for the kids to even ask for TV, ' cos it simply didn't work. Although I have not yet programmed the board since our move (and yes Nic, I really should, I know, it saves energy) they are still in the 'is it 4 o'clock yet?" habit. They know there is no point asking for the TV earlier.
But it's school holidays, and we're in week two now, when the kids are starting to get bored. Also, with summer on the way, it gets light here at about 5 in the morning. Despite block-out curtains, Mister Determined gets up with the first rays of light, about five minutes after the Kookaburras. So I am stuffed, and giving in to the temptation of the baby sitter box. Cars and Koala Brothers for Possum. And High School Musical for Mister Determined. Toilet roll in hand, he sings along with the songs (by now he manages some of the lyrics, albeit a bit delayed) and swings his hips, throws his arms around (copying the cast) and thanks the audience in a most professional way. Hours of entertainment!
Thank you very much Jonno, for another wonderful experience for the children. You're a gem.

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