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Sunday, 16 September 2007

So Wednesday was a happy day for Mister Determined . Thursday was a bit wobbly. Friday was a disaster. This week was a perfect example of rollercoaster parenting.
We anticipated a bad day for Wednesday, the day of the school sports carnival rehearsal. But as it turned out, it was a good day, a day turned from a potential disaster into a small victory (see previous post).
Then, on Thursday, I took a taxi to the school, to go home on the bus with him. My aim is to get him coming home on the bus for two days a week next term, and from experience, I know that it's best if I prepare him well. So I have started to take the bus with him on Thursdays, to make sure that he's comfortable with the whole thing, knows what to do, where to get off, and all that. It's a big thing, getting on the bus without mum or dad or a teacher, especially if you remember how much noise a bunch of kids on a bus can make! Anyway, things didn't go that well, he burst into tears very early into the journey. The older kids the bus picks up at the next school shout and jostle and play, and it frightens Mister D. Thankfully, he was sitting on my lap, ready for a big cuddle. I held him, calmed him down, and thought him how to look out of the window and "tune off" from the noise on the bus. He perked up a bit again after that, and we had an ice-cream once we made it to the bus stop. Phew.
Then, on Friday, Mister Determined collapsed. Hubby took him to school in the morning and he burst into bitter tears. We agreed he would try to stay, but if he didn't manage, I would come and pick him up after morning tea. He never made it that far. The school rang, telling me they had a very upset boy in sick bay. So I took a shaking and trembling boy home with me for a day of R and R at home.
They'd had school photo's on Tuesday, the sports thing on Wednesday, the bus on Thursday, and then knowing that he'd come home with his friend William's mum, was all too much change in routine. Systems meltdown.
And then, today was a wonderful day. He'd had a great time, lots of fun, was happy all day, and had heaps of fun during his swimming lesson. Yesterday was another positive milestone, where for the first time ever, he played with the other kids at a friends' birthday party - I know, I know, not much for most of you, but for us, a major achievement. Up and down, indeed.

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