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Monday, 3 September 2007

See What I Can Do!

Just recenty, Boo Boo has developed an interest in self-feeding. This makes an almighty mess, but we indulge her - as we do with every new skill. It's another small step towards increasing independence. It might not seem much to most, but for a child with cerebral palsy, self feeding is a major accomplishment. As my mum (visiting from Belgium to help us with the move) said today "you cherish every step so much more".

Just to show you how proud we are, here is another picture.

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Shannon said...

Your children are beautiful! I am a Mom of two (Ben CP, Kiera typical tornado child) in the US. Found you through Billie's blog and am very excited to see another Mom revel in the little things. Every step is a wonder when they're small.