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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Sad Sounds

Today, Mister Determined, aged 6, went to the Sydney Symphonic Orchestra with school. He proudly told us all about it, and which instruments he'd seen and heard, complete with hand movements. When Hubby asked him which was his favorite instrument. His answer was:

"The one that sounded sad. The one that sounded sad and made me feel like I needed Mum and Dad and I missed you"

He couldn't remember the name of the instrument, only knew that it was a string one. But didn't he just beautifully describe it?

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Anonymous said...

I bet it was a cello!
That's my instrument that I also teach (and have taught for 30 years) to kids! Mr Determined has excellent taste!I am enjoying your intelligent, compassionate and thoughtful blog.
from a Gramma, who has been some dark places, too.